Monday, July 20, 2015

Life, Death and Time

It’s amazing how death sometimes occupy the same space and time as life. 
It’s amazing how time sometimes blur the line between life and death. 

Sometimes I ask myself,
“Why must I constantly ask myself; why in life, must we face death?” 
Why must the harmonies of joy and gladness be shattered by loss and emptiness?
Why must life be death and death, life?
Why does the time drag on so slowing in that moment, but it flies by life so quickly?


And what is the wonder in our hearts, when we see faces stand still?
Faces that once were but are no more,
Faces that once touched our fingers and warmed our hearts;
Faces that smiled at us and sometimes sneered at us.
Why must our faces, be bored in our hearts then torn from our lives in time.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If I say that I'm sad...don't downplay my sorrow by pointing out someone whom you may feel has more reason to be sad.

If I say that I'm hurt...don't downplay my pain by pointing out someone whom you may feel has more reason to be sad.

When I'm angry...don't downplay my fury by pointing out someone whom you may feel has more reason to be angry.

Who am I to you?

When I entrust to you the darker corners of my existence; do not belittle me with vein and shallow repetition.

Yes, there is always someone who has it worst...but there is also always someone who has it better.

For which is my heart more deserving?

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hope is, believing without knowing. 
Faith is holding on without seeing. 
Courage is moving forward without the need to be rewarded. 
Humility is having without boasting. 
Wisdom is, understanding without conformity. 

The moral of my story is… 
When you learn to go without, you earn everything.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Reason And Emotion

Neither emotion nor logic and reasoning are easy to deal with, independent of the other. Everything that happens around us evokes an emotional response, even logic. Reasoning, because it takes more practice of the mind, is not as easily understood as an emotional response which is why an emotional response is most common. Humans are very prideful so it's not easy to be reprimanded or corrected in something that comes naturally to us, which are our emotions. In fact, emotions are so deep that sometimes we attempt to rationalize them without even realising it.

Let's not forget that we all have emotions.  

A lot of us are drowning in them because some of us find it so difficult to reason with our own emotions, that we find other people's emotions completely unbearable.  

I don't like to be told to calm down when I get angry, so I don't expect other people to. 
I don't like to be told to stop crying when I feel sad or disappointed, so I don't ask other people to. 
I sometimes laugh at ridiculous things, so I don't hold it against other people for laughing "inappropriately."

Of course, that principal becomes far more intricate when addressing harmful behavior (a topic for another day).

But understanding emotion, is a great way to begin to understand other people. We all differ because of our mental capacity and our overall experience with life. But ultimately we are all made up of the same dynamic.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sinister Innocence
Some people seem to have a natural aversion to the mistakes that other people make.  While I don't condone the notion of continuously making the same mistakes while justifying them with the ideology that "we're only human"; something about this way of thinking always bothered me.  

At first I thought perhaps it's because I've made my share of mistakes and I don't like the feeling of being counted out.  But I learned to accept that no matter what I am in life, someone will always count me out.  So that was not the problem.  I also thought maybe I dislike this way of thinking simply because I dislike generalizations; but that's not quite it either.

Well, this morning I read something on facebook and somehow the reason just slapped me in the face this time:

"There is something far more sinister about a person who is able to hide their demons than those who wear their carelessness on their sleeves."

The person who is more careless is easy to reprimand, but the one who cleverly hides their deceit is difficult to fault.  The person who runs behind popular culture but continuously falls is easy to deny and to not want around because their lack of direction is obvious.  But the cunningness of the one's who master the art of putting on the mask...they are the one's who should be feared.

I may expand on it later; but for now, it's just a thought.

Live Consciously

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